Giorgenti Weddings will have you and your wedding party looking like the toast of the party.

We offer a wide variety of modern and stylish tuxedos and wedding suits for everyone from the groom, best man, groomsmen, the Father of the groom/bride, all the way to the adorable ring bearers.

Our process is simple.

  • We discuss your wedding details, such as the wedding venue, location, and theme.
  • We collaborate on a look that truly fits you and your theme. Whether you have a pre-determined idea of what you would like to look like, we will collaborate on nailing a look that will have you standing out.
  • Finally, we examine what accessories and shoes will help you ‘complete the look’ on a beautiful and polished wedding ensemble.

Wedding Accessories
What sets Giorgenti apart from the rest? Our ability to “finish the look” on your stunning wedding ensemble.
Giorgenti has coordinating accessories, tuxedo shirts, and tuxedo shoes to match the look of your beautiful wedding ensemble.

We make the Process Simple
Wedding planning can get stressful, let us make finding your perfect wedding ensemble an easy process.

Here’s our process:

  • We will fit the wedding party with try-on samples to assess fit and then determine the tuxedo coat/suit sleeve length and pant length.
  • A few days before the wedding, we will have all tuxedos and suits ready and pressed, along with all formal accessories, hung in a garment bag – ready for you to pick up.
  • The day after the wedding event, you will drop off the contents in the provided garment bag.

How easy is that?