Grey Tuxedo

Is Grey the New Black Tux?

The Modernistic, New Grey Tuxedo

Since the beginning of formal wear, the black tux has been the standard go-to look for weddings and formalwear, but no longer. Like everything else, millennials have brought their own twist and new meaning of modernism to fashion. Lately, fashion forward celebrities have graced the red carpet with their own interpretation of the standard tux and are opting for various shades of grey. This new color looks incredibly cool and gives an edgy minimalistic touch to an otherwise predictable standard.

Grey and black complement each other. Grey is actually NOT a color, but is instead a shade. When you take black pigment and add white to it you will get every shade of grey from charcoal to light grey. So, grey is actually black and white mixed together to create shades of grey. This is why grey and black look great when combined together.

Great Grey Tuxedo Combination Ideas

  • Medium grey tuxedo with a black shawl collar, worn with a white spread collar shirt, black bowtie and black pants.
  • Silver grey Tuxedo with a black peal lapel, teamed with a sliver grey shirt, black tie and black shoes
  • Medium dark grey tuxedo with black satin notched lapels worn with a black shirt, silver grey bowtie and black pants for an ultra-modernistic look.

What is the subliminal message of grey?

Grey has an architectural modern feel, which gives off a current, up-to-date, fresh stylish approach to fashion. A man wearing a grey tuxedo would be considered trendy, updated and ultra-cool.

For what Occasions Would One Wear a Grey Tuxedo?

A grey tuxedo is an excellent wedding choice for a groom. This is your chance to stand out and shine. Why go ordinary when you can look special? This is your eventful day and all eyes are on you. The grey tuxedo is also suitable for any other formal affair where the dress code calls for black tie.

How should the groomsmen dress if the groom wears a grey tuxedo?

Because the grey tuxedo stands out and looks special, you do not need clones. Its best your groomsmen wear black tuxedos or if you want a grey theme, they can wear lighter grey suits.

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