Father Of The Groom

Truly one’s milestone achievement, to see your beloved son take the sacred step and say “I do” to the one that he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with.

You have attained the title, of Father of the Groom.

Look your best, as you raise a toast to the entire room of well-wishers, in a custom-made suit or tuxedo from Giorgenti Weddings.

Custom Suits. Any Look. Any Design.

Giorgenti Weddings has been crafting custom wedding suits and tuxedos for Long Island’s grooms and wedding parties for over 25 years.

We offer a truly custom experience, allowing you to achieve the look that you desire. Our highly-skilled team, led by 4th generation Italian-American designer Janine Giorgenti, will custom create a look that is unique to you. Have a favorite look in mind? Bring us a picture, and we will bring that vision to life.

Specifically Designed for You.

We pay specific attention to body type, face shape, skin and eye color, and other physical characteristics to create a look that will have you stand out on your son’s special day.

The ‘Finishing Touch’.

Giorgenti Weddings also features shoes and accessories from world-renowned brands to exquisitely “complete” your dream wedding look.

A Personalized Experience Awaits You.

We are certain that you will enjoy our personalized attention. Giorgenti Weddings offers a truly exclusive wedding outfitting experience.

Giorgenti Weddings is conveniently located in Garden City.
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