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Wedding Outfits that Reflect your Wedding Theme
Custom wedding suits and tuxedos go beyond custom fit. To Giorgenti Weddings, a custom wedding ensemble should match the wedding and event theme.

Whether your wedding event is at a tropical Caribbean beach destination, one of Long Island’s fine wineries, at an elegant wedding hall, or, perhaps the event is culturally inspired – Giorgenti’s skilled and talented design team will help you create your tuxedo or wedding suit to reflect the mood and tone of the wedding theme.

A Wedding Suit/Tuxedo that Brings Out Your Personality

Giorgenti wedding suits and tuxedos are made to be unique as the ones wearing them.

What makes Giorgenti Weddings different is that we can custom create any look. Whether your taste is conservative, modern cutting edge, or somewhere in between – the possibilities are truly endless.

Our highly talented design team keeps up to date with the latest in style trends, both in and outside of wedding fashion, and brings that knowledge and experience to helping you look your absolute best on your special day.

Giorgenti has an unlimited array of fabrics and colors to select from. Our talented design team will sit down with you to discuss a look that’s perfect for you.

For a look that’s truly unique to you, we take into consideration your physical characteristics – such as height, weight, physique type, hair color and type, skin tone, eye color, and personality.

Have a look in mind, or, see a picture on Instagram or another social media app that you want replicated? Bring in the picture and our design team will work to bring that exact look to life.

It is Your Special Day

A special look for your special day.

We take pride in knowing that you chose us for one of the biggest days of your life. You come to Giorgenti for one simple reason: we can create the look that you want; a look that is only limited by your imagination.

We enjoy creating a fun and lively experience for our wedding clients, from the moment they walk through our doors.

Designing your own wedding outfit should be a fun process. This is a sentiment that we never lose sight of.

Giorgenti Weddings understands that what you wear on your wedding day will be forever etched in your personal history. We take honor in being part of your special occasion and vow to create a truly unique custom wedding ensemble that truly honors the brevity of your big moment.

This is our wedding gift to you.

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