Why Burgundy Tuxedos are the HOTTEST Wedding Tuxedos!

Out With The OldBy Janine Giorgenti


As Men’s fashion is moving forward more and more every day, we seem to be leaving behind the old, stodgy “penguin rental tux,” the predictable staple black tuxedo that you can buy at any rental shop that will most likely feel like plastic and disintegrate by the end of your wedding night.
 Men seem to want more color and show off more flair in their formal wear attire and wedding outfits; with precise details that can only be done by stylists and master tailors. This is the reason why newly engaged couples are getting tuxedos custom-made for their wedding day!
The hottest color this year is the Burgundy tuxedo!

Yes, you heard us! A rich curated palette ranging from deep wine colors, to brighter, summery cordovan, with shades of reds; the Burgundies are catching on quick, and are being seen in formal wear across all platforms of social media and television.

What Colors Make Burgundy?


Burgundy, which is a deeper shade of reddish-brown, mixed with blue, is the perfect color of choice for a man who wishes to be bold and fashionable, yet subtle in his ways of elegance.
The Origin of Burgundy


During the Renaissance period, burgundy had a long history of being worn by only the Royals, and was forbidden to be worn by commoners. This gives burgundy a regal flair, and makes it a wonderful color to wear for your special event or wedding!

Dress Like Royalty On Your Special Day!



Adorn yourself in a beautiful Burgundy tuxedo, custom made by Giorgenti Weddings!

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