Black Tuxedo

Let’s cut right to the chase: nothing makes a man look more sexy, stately, polished, and absolutely irresistible to women than a black tuxedo.

Like the leading men in movies would suggest, black tuxedos are for the alpha male who asserts command and garners the peering eyes of whom ever is in the room he enters.

Simply put, a black tuxedo symbolizes prestige, power, status, elegance, and wealth.

Look your best. Go custom.
There is only one way to appear for your formal event and that’s to wear a beautiful custom fitting black tuxedo.
If you truly want to look your best at your next black-tie affair or wedding, you will want to arrive wearing a custom-made black tuxedo that will accentuate and flatter every contour of your body.

Your custom tuxedo should include custom features to allow you to make a statement that you’re serious about wearing nothing but the most cutting edge modern tuxedo, that was designed with your unique style sense in mind.

Giorgenti Makes it Happen.

A custom black tuxedo by Giorgenti is designed using the most current fashion trends, blending over 30+ years experience in designing New York’s top tuxedos with the experience of our highly trained design team.

We take your physique, hair color, eye color, skin tone, and personality into account, to custom design a tuxedo that is styled unmistakably for you. Giorgenti also specializes in hard to fit body types.

We Get your Vibe

Have a specific image in mind for your black tuxedo?

Perhaps you saw something you liked on the red carpet or Instagram and would like to replicate that look.
At Giorgenti, our design team will give you the fit, quality, and stylish look you desire.

Giorgenti: On Top of the Style Trends

Keeping our customers on the cutting edge of fashion is what we do.

• A traditional black tuxedo, or a trendier skinny cut.
• A black tuxedo made with a notch, peak or the increasingly more popular shawl collar in satin or grosgrain with matching fabric covered buttons.
• A black tuxedo that can be single breasted with one or two buttons or double breasted with a single vent, double vent or no back vent.

Accessorizing your Black Tuxedo is Key

You can adorn your black tuxedo with a cool textured or patterned vest, bow-tie, traditional tie, cummerbund, or wear it with suspenders.

The tuxedo shirt you choose may be white-on-white, textured or solid with a traditional wing collar and a pleated front worn with stud sets, or maybe the – newer – wide spread collar with a fly front and French cuffs worn with beautiful cuff-links.

Have a picture that is near and dear to you? We can make that into a personalized inner tuxedo coat lining.
Giorgenti features limitless custom features and accessories to “finish the look” on your custom black tuxedo.

The Perfect Tux for your Formal Occasion or Wedding

Giorgenti will make your dream wedding look a reality. We understand the magnitude of your wedding or formal event, and how important it is – in the age of social media – to not just look your best, but to make the right statement.

Let’s Get Started

Our process is easy and enjoyable.

Call or text us at (646) 957-6916 or email us at, to set up your custom fitting in our Garden City showroom.